About The Benchmarking Partnership

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The Benchmarking Partnership work alongside Highbury Analytical Limited and Beeston Consulting to deliver a range of benchmarking and consultancy programmes both across the UK and internationally, and were formed in collaboration with Keele University in 2015.

The Benchmarking Partnership team have been delivering pathology/laboratory medicine benchmarking programmes since 2001, and have contributed towards a number of related research papers and publications. They have also worked closely with the likes of NHS England and Lord Carter, EY Australia, National Shared Services Scotland, and PathNet NI.

The Benchmarking Partnership are now supporting UK and international laboratories with a range of programmes designed to integrate vital information and intelligence into effective strategy planning.

For further information please contact us at: enquiries@thebenchmarkingpartnership.com or call: +44 (0)1270 875 563



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SBK Healthcare provides conferences, seminars and forums for NHS staff to come together and learn from NHS leaders across the country as well as each other. Every NHS course held by SBK Healthcare focuses on the unique clinical or operational demands that are putting the NHS workforce under pressure.

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Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Benchmarking Programmes

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Our Pathology/Laboratory Medicine Benchmarking Programmes are designed to help your laboratory to reduce cost, improve efficiency and effectiveness, improve quality, demonstrate your value to the wider health economy, and grow your business.

UK-wide data including trend analysis from the past ten years underpins our expert analysis and application of this vital information resource, using advanced peer-grouping methodologies to ensure an 'apples with apples' comparison of data.

Our written reports are focused on your laboratory and highlight your key messages, whilst the accompanying electronic tools allow customisation of peer groups and the ability to export data and data presentations. We also provide an in-house workshop within your department to work through the key messages from your data, and help you and your team to fully understand and make best use of the information you have available to you. This is not just a simple reporting service.

Our new information leaflet provides full details of the programme with examples of the data presentations, and is now available to download - please click here.





Primary Care Pathology Demand Optimisation

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In a world short of ‘quick wins' in terms of improving quality, reducing waste and testing more effectively whilst simultaneously making financial savings, demand optimisation for laboratory services is one such area where this can actually be achieved.

The Benchmarking Partnership Primary Care Pathology Demand Optimisation Programme is designed to provide both the service provider (laboratory) and GP/CCG with the information and expertise they can utilise to provide a more appropriate, cost effective pathology service that delivers better outcomes for patients and the wider health economy.

The programme launched in 2007 and has a proven track record in helping reduce wastage, improve patient management, reduce bed days across a range of key pathways, and ensure that pathology services are being used more effectively and appropriately.